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About Us

About Us:

As a faith based organization whose founder tragically lost a niece to suicide we pray daily for all children. Our organization is dedicated to identifying and saving the lives of children (primarily between the ages of 9 through 17) who are potentially "at risk" for attempting suicide.  

Professional independant Digital Forensic Engineers usually charge about $200 per hour for their time and expertise, but our staff truly treats this as their personal ministry and an opportunity to use their given talents to save the lives of "at risk" children. 

The Digital Forensic Engineer assigned to help you will probably spend about three hours for you on behalf of your child. We only charge you $199 (total) for our services (unless you live more than 40 miles from our closest Digital Forensic Engineer).

According to the latest studies performed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention there are 1,100,000 attempted suicides in the United States every year...and that number keeps growing.

Suicide was the third largest cause of death among children between the ages of 10-14 in the United States in 2015. The saddest fact is that 90% of all suicides had the potential of being prevented because it has been determined that clearly identifiable signs of being "at risk" for suicide were discovered (after the child's suicide) through social media communications of the child.

Our low cost solution ($199) is to determine if your child is "at risk" without your child ever knowing that anyone ever viewed their social media files. 

It is our hope that your child will be found to not be "at risk" for suicide and that great news will give you more peace, but, if your child is found to be "at risk" for suicide then you may have just saved a potential loss of life tragedy by taking the compassionate step of contacting us to find out. 

We are 100% confident in the abilities of our Digital Forensic Engineers to be able to gather more than enough data by way of retrieving Skype messages, emails, instant messages, and other social media sent by your child or received by your child. 

Our Digital Forensic Engineers will not require any of your child's passwords to get this information. It is called "Ethical Hacking" and as long as your child is under the age of 18 (and with your signed permission) we can legally do this for you. 

We are so confident in our Digital Forensic Engineers abilities that we will not charge you at all if we are not able to retrieve what is needed. 

Our Digital Forensic Engineers will make a copy of relevant files related to social media and other relevant information discovered during their forensic investigation. These files will then be reviewed by a licensed professional therapist who specializes in children.  

That licensed therapist will call you with their professional analysis regarding whether your child is to be considered "at risk" for suicide or not. The therapist will suggest options (for your consideration) for helping your child if your child is found to be "at risk".  

Our $199 charge also includes the therapist's review of the your child's social media files and the therapists call to you. 

Please use the form found by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page if you are interested in our services. Thank you.
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